La peinture religieuse #1


Sebastien Bourdon1
Bacchus and Ceres
with Nymphs and
Oil on canvas,
Fine Arts, Budapest


Sebastien Bourdon2
The Beggars1635
Oil on wood,
49 x 65 cm Louvre


Sebastien Bourdon3
Queen Christina
of Sweden on
Horseback 1653
Oil on canvas,
383 x 291 cm
Museo del
Prado, Madrid


Sebastien Bourdon4
The Finding of
Moses c. 1650
Oil on canvas,
National Gallery
of Art,Washington



Sebastien Bourdon5
Moses and the
Brazen Serpent
1653Oil on canvas
del Prado,Madrid


Sebastien Bourdon6
A Scene from
Roman History
1645Oil on canvas


Sebastien Bourdon7
Selling of Joseph
into Slavery, 1637
oil on canvas,
British Museum,




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